Last Updated: 23rd September 2020

On 21 September the Wellington region moved to Alert Level 1.

At Alert Level 1, there is still a risk of COVID-19 returning to the community. We encourage you to continue tracking where you’ve been and who you’ve seen to help with contact tracing, if required.


Contact Tracing

Please ensure all members are signing in with the Government tracing app, NZ COVID TRACER where available. Where a QR code is not available please ensure you use other means e.g. iDMe.

iDMe codes can be found below and on the Capital Football website

senior football

Tracing is a requirement for Alert Level 1.

The Government has developed a tracing App, NZ COVID TRACER.
Please ensure you have downloaded this app.
The Council has printed and put the QR codes that are used with the tracing app up at their respective grounds and facilities (if not already in place).

New Zealand Football also recommend the use of IDME in conjunction with the NZ COVID TRACER.
IDME is a sporty based app that produces codes for grounds that members can sign in to.
Ground codes for all Capital Football grounds are available on our website here.
People can sign into the ground before they arrive, as they arrive or after, simply by changing the time of arrival. Information on IDME can be found here. To help aide tracing, please ensure that your players are all registered with Comet.
Please ensure IMDE is used if a NZ COVID TRACE QR code is not available.

Social Distancing:
Please be mindful of social distancing requirements when arriving or leaving fields.
Keep 2 metres in open space.
Keep 1 metre in confined space.

Please ensure correct hygiene protocols are both communicated and followed through.
This includes:

  • Sanitizing hands before and after activity
  • Avoiding touch points
  • Refraining from pre match rituals such as handshakes, huddles and high fives
  • Disinfect equipment before and after use
  • Under no circumstances share drink bottles
  • Where possible refrain from sharing equipment (gloves, kit etc)

Capital Football Officials have been instructed to NOT take part in the RESPECT pre match protocols.
This includes:

  • No handshakes at the captain’s toss
  • No pre-game or post game handshakes

As always, please respect their instructions regarding these areas.

Key info

  • Appropriate contact tracing, hygiene and sanitation measures must be in place.
  • Changing facilities are currently open at Level 1 and 2.
  • Please observe physical distancing where possible

Contact tracing

    • WAFC will be using iDMe for contact tracing purposes at all sports grounds, the posters will be on display at all venues. Venue codes can be found on the Capital Football website and are published with the senior draw on Facebook.

Click here

    • Note we will be using the manual sign in.

Sign into the football activity using IDME*
*This can be done before you leave home or at the ground

2). Enter your personal details.
3). Submit your personal details.
4). Select “Or Click Here for Manual Sign-in”
5). Enter the venue code – can be found on the Capital Football website
6). Change the time if necessary,

If you do not use iDMe you must complete the manual contact tracing form at the venue.

Venue codes:

Jim Cooke Park – DQRCT

Waikanae Park – KVUKN

Otaraua Park – WLRLV

Waikanae AFC Clubrooms – BVRQF

Cleaning and hygine

  • Water bottles should not be shared under any circumstance
  • Spitting or other similar actions is prohibited, including on GK gloves
  • Please refrain from physical greetings e.g. handshakes
  • Shared equipment should be cleaned before and after each session

physcial distancing

    When possible 2 metres physical distancing should be observed, during some activites this may not be possilbe, if you feel uncomfortable with this please let the appropriate people know.

Feeling unwell?

No one should be attending any gathering if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, awaiting test results or are required to self isolate.

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