Erin Walter Cup 2020 Draw Announced

The draw for the 2020 edition of the Erin Walter Memorial Cup is out with teams from Island Bay and Onslow joining teams from all the Horowhenua-Kapiti based clubs in the annual tournament to be held 28 March.

The tournament runs a handicap based system whereby lower ranked teams receive more points per goal than the higher ranked teams.  Past winners Otaki Purutaitama and Waikanae Beach Boys will receive one point per goal whereas the most lowly ranked social sides will receive up to six points per goal.  This makes the figurative playing field as level as the real one – Otaraua Park.  Manakau FC will be looking to defend their title and keep their trophy cabinet full (although apparently it’s not a big cabinet 😉

Games will be 15 minute halves except for the final where the top team from both groups will meet in a 20 minute each way final.  Final placings from 3rd to 12th are determined by an 11 man shootout.  The first round starts at 9am sharp with the final expected to be played at 3:35pm.

As in past years there will be raffles and a barbeque will be running with food and drinks but it is CASH ONLY so don’t forget to bring some readies.

The tournament commemorates Erin Walter who was a past President and stalwart of the Waikane Club for many years before his untimely passing.  The Waikanae Club thanks all those taking part and supporting the fixture including the referees, support staff and chief organiser Dave Horton.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Draw for the group round is as follows (note draw may change prior to the day):

Otaraua Park 1 Referee
9.00am Waikanae Coasters vs Waikanae Strollers Simon
9.35am Manakau Utd vs Waikanae Beach Boys Jim
10.10am The Wanderers vs Waikanae Coasters Simon
10.45am Island Bay Unmanageables vs Manakau Utd Jim
11.20am Waikanae Coasters vs Paekakariki Simon
11.55am Manakau Utd vs Onslow Masters Jim
12.30pm Otaki Puru Taitama vs Waikanae Coasters Simon
1.05pm Waikanae Jets vs Onslow Masters Jim
1.40pm Waikanae Coasters vs KCU Sopranos Simon
2.15pm Island Bay Unmanageables vs Onslow Masters Jim


Otaraua  Park 2 Referee
9.00am KCU Sopranos vs The Wanderers Yvette
9.35am LadyHawks Hawks vs Onslow Masters Vesa
10.10am Paekakariki vs Waikanae Strollers Yvette
10.45am Onslow Masters vs Waikanae Beach Boys Vesa
11.20am The Wanderers vs Otaki Puru Taitama Yvette
11.55am Waikanae Beach Boys vs Waikanae Jets Vesa
12.30pm KCU Sopranos vs Paekakariki Yvette
1.05pm LadyHawks Hawks vs Manakau Utd Vesa
1.40pm Otaki Puru Taitama vs Waikanae Strollers Yvette
2.15pm Manakau Utd vs Waikanae Jets Vesa


Otaraua  Park 3 Referee
9.00am Otaki Puru Taitama vs Paekakariki Marten
9.35am Island Bay Unmanageables vs Waikanae Jets Jeremy
10.10am Otaki Puru Taitama vs KCU Sopranos Marten
10.45am LadyHawks Hawks vs Waikanae Jets Jeremy
11.20am Waikanae Strollers vs KCU Sopranos Marten
11.55am Island Bay Unmanageables vs LadyHawks Hawks Jeremy
12.30pm Waikanae Strollers vs The Wanderers Marten
1.05pm Island Bay Unmanageables vs Waikanae Beach Boys Jeremy
1.40pm Paekakariki vs The Wanderers Marten
2.15pm LadyHawks Hawks vs Waikanae Beach Boys Jeremy