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Waikanae Football Club

Volunteers Required

Our Club is run entirely by volunteers and we could not continue to deliver football to Waikanae without volunteers giving freely of their time.  Below is a list of all the positions within the Club, who is currently filling that position, or where vacant it is highlighted in red and provides an indication of the time commitment required.

If you can help fill one of these roles please email the appropriate Convenor:

Committee & Administration

  • President: Charlie Sturman
  • Vice President: Mark Fearon
  • Treasurer: Brian Dickenson (wfa.treasurer@gmail.com)
  • Secretary: Angela Wright
  • Senior Convenor: Dawn Sturman(wfa.snr@gmail.com)
  • Junior Convenor: Fiona Story(wfa.jnr@gmail.com)
  • Committee Member – Kit Management: Mike Chiles (wfa.minifootball@gmail.com)
  • Committee Member:Simon Manster
  • Website Administrator: Vacant, 2-3 hours per week
  • Facebook Administrators: Charlie Sturman, Fiona Story,

Junior Grade Coordinators

  • First Kicks: Vacant, 2-3 hours per week
  • Fun Football:
  • 9/10th Grades: Fiona Story
  • 11/12th Grades: Mike Chiles
  • 13/14th Grades:

Junior Team Coaches and Managers:

  • First Kicks: Up to 10x Coaches required, 1 hour per week, 1-2x Timekeepers, 1 hour per week
  • Fun Football: 6x Coaches required, 1-2 hours per week
  • 9th Grade Team Red Coach: Chris Story
  • 9th Grade Team Red Manager: Fiona Story
  • 9th Grade Team Black Coach:
  • 9th Grade Manager Black Manager: Vacant, 1-2 hours per week
  • 10th Grade Rangers Coach:
  • 10th Grade Rangers Manager:
  • 10th Grade Warriors Coach:
  • 10th Grade Warriors Manager:
  • 11th Grade World Changers Coach:
  • 11th Grade World Changers Manager:
  • 11th Grade Hornets Coach:
  • 11th Grade Hornets Manager:
  • 11th Grade Travelling Rangers Coach:
  • 11th Grade Travelling Rangers Manager:
  • 12th Grade Incredibles Coach:
  • 12th Grade Incredibles Manager:
  • 13th Grade Red Devils Coach:
  • 13th Grade Red Devils Manager:
  • 13th Grade Top Gear Coach:
  • 13th Grade Top Gear Manager:
  • 13th Grade Travelling Waitaki Coach:
  • 13th Grade Travelling Waitaki Manager:
  • 14th Grade TBC

Senior Team Coaches and Managers: