Waikanae Dynamite Team


Each player’s score consists of the best three attempts added together. The first number is for one foot juggles and the second number is for alternate feet juggles. This baseline, as a starting point for improvement, was measured on 14th April 2016.


Ronaldo       30   18

Neymar         19   17

Siggy             12   11

Hazard           11   7

Payet                7    6

Shaqiri          25    15

Messi               8     6

van Persie     12   15

Suarez           22     13

Ozil                 11     13

Muller           14       9

Rodriguez     10     8

Iniesta             13     13

Players please practise as much as you can, try for ten minutes per day.

A slightly flat ball helps at first – no double knots on boot laces – find the sweet spot on your foot – be loose, relaxed – knees bent a little – kicking foot only slightly off the ground – not so much of a kick, more of a push – keep watching the ball – concentrate. There are good You Tube clips available.

The benefits of ball juggling are improved eye and foot co-ordination, improved concentration, greater ball control, better feel for the ball which improves first touch. It is beneficial for all ages and all body types. Adults report it is a stress buster.

Now we want to add the names of SUPPORTERS – parents, brothers and sisters, family friends or anybody else with links to the Waikanae Dynamite team who are joining the challenge. Choose a footballing name and let Peter know your ball juggling score. Anybody can learn. How long will you take to become proficient?

Peter Rodeka     rodeka@clear.net.nz

Good luck to all!

Carey Lambert and Peter Rodeka