Junior Teams

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Talent Development Programme – u-13 and u-15

Waikanae AFC is pleased to announce we will be running a Talent Development Programme (TDP) in 2021.  The programme will be led by Technical Director Magno Vieira joined by Head Coaches Adam Price and Bernardo Neil.  Tobi Cerhak will be the goalkeeping coach.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page or Kotahitanga Waikanae TDP page.  Enquiries can be sent to the Junior Convenor.

Premier Teams:

Premier teams are for our more skilled and competitive players. Accordingly, the club hold trials and players are selected on ability.  We encourage as many players as possible to trial to ensure we can field the strongest teams possible in these grades.
Players are chosen based on skill, attitude and coachability.  Having previously played in a Premier team does not guarantee a place in the 2021 Premier teams.  Please note that there are teams available for players who do not want to commit to this level of football. They will play locally and do not need to trial.
Junior Premier Teams compete in a Wellington competition instead of the local Kapiti competition. While there will be home games, it does involve more travel than your child playing in a local competition.  There are always parents happy to transport an extra player or two, so if transport may be a problem for you, please don’t necessarily rule your child out of trialling, we are bound to be able to figure something out.
To be eligible for selection players must attend at least one trial, but it is preferable for players to attend BOTH trials to give coaches the best opportunity to assess their ability.
We will have Premier teams in the following age grades:
10th grade – “Bears” to be coached by Mike Barke.
11th grade – “Wolves” to be coached by Dino Kokkinidis.
12th grade -“Tornadoes” to be coached by Chris Story.
13th grade – “Raptors” to be coached by Bryan Medcalf.
14th/15th grade – Waikanae AFC are combining both Premier Team trials and TDP trials for U14/U15 grade players.
Therefore if you trial for the TDP and are unsuccessful, you will be assessed for the Premier Team (Only those who are registering with Waikanae AFC this season)
If you DO NOT wish to trial for the TDP, only for the Premier Team, please let the convenor know. We will make a note of the names so that the players will only be assessed for the Premier Team.
Please be sure to wear your shin pads and boots. If you are a keen keeper and have your own Goalkeeper gloves, please do bring them along too.
Remember to bring your water bottles and any inhalers or medical equipment you may need.

If your child is trialing for a premier team they MUST trial within their age range, which is the year they were born. The years and grades are:

10th grade premier team  – a child can trial if born in 2011

11th grade premier team  – a child can trial if born in 2010

12th grade premier team  – a child can trial if born in 2009

13th grade premier team  – a child can trial if born in 2008

14th/15th grade premier team – a child can trial if born in 2006/2007

Important: Under Capital Football rules, girls can also play a year down. For example a girl born in 2010 can trial for the 11th or 10th grade team.

Please note: If your child intends to trial for a Premier team, do not register them until the trial results are announced.

If you have any questions about Premier teams or have any other questions about junior football at Waikanae, please get in touch with the Junior Convenor

For information on your team find the appropriate grade then select the team link below it to go to the team page.

First Kicks

All players

Fun Football (7th and 8th Grade)

All players

9th & 10th Grade

u10 Juventas –  Coach: Kevin Martin

u10 Tigers – Coaches: Al Collings & Glen Wilson

u10 Hawkettes (Girls team) – Coach:  Bonnie Meiklejohn

11th & 12th Grade

u12 Renegades – Coach:  Mark Jackson