Junior Teams


First Kicks

All players

Fun Football (7th and 8th Grade)

All players

9th & 10th Grade

u10 Super Troopers – Coaches: Mike Lambregts

u10 Taniwhas – Coaches: Rahul Rama/Sam Hooper

u10 Jnr Wanderers – Coaches: Ryan Freer

u10 Jnr Strikers- Coaches: Matt Parr

u10 Jnr Dragons – Coaches: Anna Douglas/Jesse Edmonds

9th & 10th Girls Grade

Hawkettes Black (Girls team) – Coach:  Mike Jnr

Hawkettes Red (Girls team) – Coach:  Bonnie Meiklejohn

11th & 12th Grade

u12 Reds –  Coach: Graham Sands

u12 Juventus –  Coach: Kevin Martin

u12 Werewolves- Coach:  Wael Hamden

Premier Teams:

We will have Premier teams in the following age grades:
11th Grade – “Predators” to be coached by Andrew Stroombergen.